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Looking to Collaborate.

2010-08-03 18:05:51 by narutoawsomefan2

I cannot do flash or anything but I can come up with a story depending on what you want.

Been away for a while

2010-07-11 02:23:03 by narutoawsomefan2

back now.

Age of war is a great defense game! It is'nt a tower defense but it is still very good and I recomend you to play it and review it! Click here for the game.

Great game on newgrounds!

So there I was.....

2009-08-01 10:43:37 by narutoawsomefan2

It was crazy!I advise you to never go to the philydelpha airport!I was just getting off my flight and there was a hobo pissing in the parking lot!!!

Training imao

2009-07-12 21:51:31 by narutoawsomefan2

lol i was rushed to make it.

Training imao

another tobi....

NUMBAH 2 BABY!! (yes i spelled number wrong on purpose)

my naruto fanart!!!

2009-06-29 00:24:10 by narutoawsomefan2

hey people wats up? for the next 5 weeks m going to put some random naruto fanart on this page heres the first one!!: plz coment !!!ima post his in the art portal too

my naruto fanart!!!